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We have overhauled our service after a long time. There are two basic changes:

  1. Order management: In recent years, the number of inquiries has risen dramatically, so that we were no longer able to complete the productions (especially our own) within an adequate timeframe.
  2. Economic efficiency: Our analyses have shown that the takeover of a huge number of orders into our repertoire is not economical enough. Therefore, we will pay more attention to the resale value in the future. You will find explanations on this further below in the section Conditions.

This is why the recording service is now available under the following pricing and conditions:

PRICE_PER_MODE: Price per production mode (plus VAT)


Production type Normal 1 Special 2 Exklusive 3
Midifile 190 € 95 € 380 €
Pro(V)-Midifile * 120 € 60 € 240 €
Playback * 60 € 30 € 120 €
Pro-Playback * 220 € 110 € 440 €
ProV-Playback * 360 € 180 € 720 €
*) If the midifile already exists in our repertoire, no additional costs will be added. Otherwise, always the cost of the midifile in the same production mode.


1. Normal 2. Special 3. Exklusive
Rights Rights on the produced file remain with Geerdes. Rights on the produced file remain with Geerdes. The customer receives rights on the produced file.
Distribution takeover Geerdes can include the produced file in its repertoire after one year. Geerdes will include the produced file in his repertoire immediately after completion. Geerdes will never include the produced file in its repertoire.
Original/Template MP3, available as commercial version. MP3, available as commercial version. Any, by consultation.
Classification Unknown songs of well-known artists, classical music, musicals, movie scores... Actual songs, evergreens, songs with simple pop structures... Special adaptations, unpublished medleys...
Inquiry Online, per form Online, per form Only by phone
Start price The prices given here are starting prices. Surcharges may be added based on length or complexity.